Visual Tips for Light Sensitivity

Hello! Dealing with light sensitivity has resulted in learning a few tips to make life easier. Listed are a few of these. They seem small, but together they make a significant impact (and don’t take a lot of time). These … Continue reading

Sunglasses | Light Reduction/Barrier

Hello! Today’s post focuses on another tool I use to reduce neurological stimulation — sunglasses. The definition of bright to me is quite different from many others’. To put in context, I can comfortably read at low light levels that … Continue reading

Clostridium Difficile: Treatment and Prevention Lessons from Personal Experience

Hello! The goal of today’s post is to share with you some findings from my encounter with a Clostridium difficile infection and relapse, as well as my preventative measures against another relapse. This is not medical advice. I am simply … Continue reading

Thoughts on Awareness

Hello! Isn’t it funny, the paths we end up trekking? Ups and downs we never dreamed of experiencing. Many exceeding our expectations. Some, not what we hoped for at all. via Pinterest Health is also a ‘funny’ thing. It’s there. … Continue reading

Process of Buying Supplements | Method to Choosing the Best Product

Hello! The goal of this post is to suggest some guidelines to consider while choosing a particular supplement product. (That is, concerning¬†which brand/formula of what you need is best, not which herb, nutrient, or other supplement is best for your … Continue reading

New Resources Posted | About the Resources Page

Hello! Aside from adding a link to reviews for scent protection face masks, I have also added two more resources: Food List: An excel document containing a long, organized list of foods. It is useful for a wide range of … Continue reading

Face Masks | Scent/Fragrance Barriers

Hello! Here is a link to my reviews of different masks. One of the symptoms that significantly impacts my functionality is scent sensitivity. For me, this includes natural fragrances, synthetic fragrances, chemicals…pretty much anything that has a smell in a … Continue reading

Possible Therapy Options for Spiking Head Pain

Hello! My goal for this post is to suggest two options worth considering for a specific type of head pain. It is my personal experience, and I hope you or someone you know can get some useful leads out of … Continue reading

Cherry Crumble Acai Bowl Recipe

Hello! I am excited to share with you an easy recipe with a rich flavour and texture combination. My Mom and I developed it while working with a limited ingredient list. This Cherry Crumble Acai Bowl reminds me of several … Continue reading

Fragrance-Free Resource Page

Hello! I created a resource page for those interested in learning about or looking for fragrance-free/unscented/harmful chemical-free product options. You can check it out here at Natural Fragrance Free Products Lists, Tips, and Reviews. It includes a variety of categories, … Continue reading

Recipe: Creamy Dessert Base | Frosting, Pudding, and More!

Hello! Today I wanted to share with you one of my favorite snacks/desserts. The creaminess in my Oat Pudding inspired this Easy Creamy Carob Dessert Base. There are only two ingredients and no cooking. You can make frosting, pudding, and … Continue reading

An Ideal Doctor’s Office: Smells/Chemicals

Hello! In the past few years, I’ve been to quite a few doctors’ offices. From my ongoing experiences, I have compiled a list of ideal physical office features for me and many of my peers. Most of these were inspired … Continue reading

Silver Lined Sheets, or, I got in trouble and now I’m grounded

Note: I am not a healthcare provider. These are my personal opinions and experiences. I am not affiliated with the below product-it is my personal review and I encourage you to look around to see what is right, if it … Continue reading

Restaruant Review: “The Mediterranean Gourmet” – Great Food and Service

I highly recommend eating at The Mediterranean Gourmet, an oceanfront restaurant in the north shore of Kauai, Hawaii. Even if you’re not in the north, it’s worth making the trip. Those who follow my blog know that I have medical … Continue reading

Recipe: Oat Pudding

Hello! In our quest to find healthy but interesting foods, my Mom and I have been exploring different recipes and creating our own. My breakfast research kept leading me to overnight oats. Though I had some issues with the texture, … Continue reading

College Assignments and Chronic Illness

Hello! Each and every college student has had that assignment which stumped us. It took us hours to finish, and lots of figurative (maybe literal!) blood, sweat, and tears. For those with chronic illness, these hurdles occur more frequently, and … Continue reading

Prime the Line!

Hello! It’s been a little while, and I have a lot to share with you. This is just a quick post to remind those with intravenous (IV) access to prime your line! If you get a large amount of air … Continue reading


This post lends itself to such length due to its informative nature and thorough review. Keep an eye out for some pictures I’ll add later. As always, feel free to contact me or comment for any discussion on the matter. … Continue reading